Their Participation

Cession of photographs without remuneration

Authors will not receive any payment for the cession of their works. They are persons who have generously donated a limited number of the reproduction rights of certain photographs in favor of Red Acoge’s actions for cultural integration and diversity, and to which we are deeply grateful for their collaboration and commitment with persons that need it most.

The actual market price of these photographs is much higher, but donors have accepted the price reduction to ease that a greater number of people can buy them and, therefore, increase contribution to the projects that Red Acoge performs for immigrants and refugees.

Take into account that they are renowned and respected photojournalists who work for international agencies and media and their job is a great tool to learn more about what happens in different parts of the world where conflicts, human rights violations or human emergencies take place every day. Their work helps us to work better finding solutions and denouncing rights violations. Through this campaign we all collaborate in order we can get the necessary financing to continue with our work.